Nigerian singer, MC Galaxy, has spoken out after popular actress and comedian, Etinosa went completely nude on his Friday’s Instagram live video show.

MC Galaxy said that next time, he won’t take the blame having forewarned his followers not to go naked on the show.

The singer said he would not cut his live video show because anyone chooses to go naked.

The actress was heard saying, “It’s freaky Friday. If you cut it ( the video), I will cut you in life. Is it your body? It’s my body. Is it my business, I want to exhibit my body.”

Reacting to series of bashing he has been receiving from angry Nigerians who wondered why he did not cut the live video but instead talked the actress into removing her underwears completely, MC Galaxy said he didn’t ask anyone to go nude.

He wrote on Instagram, “Next time I won’t take the blame again.

My live video is 10:30 pm Nigerian time. Feel free to call in and dance, sing or act.

“Please, I beg you don’t call in naked because I won’t cut my live video because of you so please.

“So please and please advise your friends and sisters. Thank you.”

2 thoughts on “Nigerian singer, MC Galaxy, has spoken out after popular actress and comedian, Etinosa went completely nude on his Friday’s Instagram live video show.

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