My love for music

One thing about music is that it makes one happy especially that particular type of song or sound you like to hear. there are many types of music sounds which many people love to listen to 1. Ragee music 2. HipPop music 3. Gospel music 4.blues 5. Highlife music, all this type of music has the kind of joy which the listeners are getting from it, like I personally I love hip pop and sometimes gospel songs so do you have the one you like to listen too, and one thing is the joy and happiness you get while listening to them. Music is life ……there are some music that gives you hope I mean depending on the message they pass one of them is gospel music most times when listening to some gospel songs you will be hearing the singer saying or telling a story that consigns you and he or she will be saying that he was in a big problem or passing through a particular problem maybe you the hearer is into thesame problem and after hearing his testimony on how Good delivered him you will be encouraged that one day your own case will be a thing of the past. Not only gospel music other music like highlife, highlife usually tells what is happening around you or in the country, another one is hip pop some of this artist are from the Street and some are beggers but one way or the other they became celebrities, like for exam I know of a popular artist from Nigeria named TIMAYA this guy was poor before, is was a Street boy and a plantain seller but he keep hustling and doing that which he loves doing which is music now is a big guy living big, I want to use this opportunity to tell you that is reading this post that one day your story will change nothing is impossible before God, dance to the sound of that music you love and forget your problems that’s why music is there to help us forgetting or stop thinking much about our problems.

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